Even More News of WotF Q4

It’s not over yet!

Because this was the first quarter in which I entered a story, I’m paying closer attention to the results. Yes, the gatekeeping judge rejected my entry; however, a few more Hatrackers managed to please her.

  • Jennifer Campbell-Hicks of Colorado
  • Tom Carpenter of Missouri
  • Frank Dutkiewicz of Michigan
  • Richard Ware of Maine

Their names are up on the just-released list of Honorable Mentions for 2010 Q4 on the Writers of the Future blog.

For whatever reason, no one has published the list of Semifinalists yet. Maybe that will happen before we find out how Nick Tchan and Patrick O’Sullivan fare in the selection of winners.


More News of WotF Q4

My letter arrived in the mail yesterday.

For readers who don’t know, each Writers of the Future entrant who isn’t flat-out rejected is either an Honorable Mention, Semifinalist, Finalist, or Winner.

All winning stories are published in the year’s anthology. Some finalists are also published. Semifinalists receive a critique from the Coordinating Judge, KD Wentworth. Those who receive honorable mentions (an estimated 5 to 15 percent of entrants) get the satisfaction of knowing they impressed Ms. Wentworth.

So, how did I do? Not very well. For my first entry into the contest, I received a rejection.

The story I’m working on now for the Second Quarter (Q2) of 2011 will likely be rejected, because it breaks several writing guidelines. Perhaps I’ll see my name on a list for Q3.

Another Hatracker is on the list of Finalists! I didn’t recognize Patrick O’Sullivan of Virginia the other day, but I wish him the best of luck.

News of WotF Q4

The list of finalists for the Fourth Quarter (2010) of the Writers the Future contest was published today on a press release site. Included in the list: Nick Tchan of New South Wales, Australia!

Way to go, Nick!

It’s nice to see a name I recognize. With luck, he’ll be one of the three winners.

Three other members of the Hatrack River Writers Workshop have won recently: Ben Mann of West Australia in Q2 and in 2009, Brad R. Torgerson and Adam Colston. You can read Brad’s “Exanastasis” and Adam’s “Not in the Flesh” in the Writers of the Future Vol XXVI. (Coincidentally, Adam couldn’t physically attend the awards ceremony…)

Back to Q4. How did I do? Don’t know; possibly a disqualification. I’ll talk more about this when I hear again from the contest director.

In the meantime, keep on eye out on the WotF blog. The lists of semi-finalists and entrants who received an honorable mention might go up at any moment.