novel: (adj) something new and original.

novel: (n) fictional narrative showing characters’ original experiences through a connected sequence of events.

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Dwarves of Seven (Do7)

[Fantasy] Seven siblings keep to themselves, practicing crafts and magic, until a promise to a runaway princess pits the family against a sorceress and a king.

3700 / 40000

Out of the Sea (OotS)

[Fantasy] A young sea-prince fascinated by the land above the waters sacrifices his tail and voice to befriend a human king he has long admired from afar.

100 / 90000

Reflections in the Night (RitN)

[Sci-Fi] A descendant of space aliens living in rural Pennsylvania prepares to fulfill his destiny off planet until a young woman trespasses into his life, turning his focus turns to what he’d always wanted most–love.

50000 / 75000

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