Novel: Dwarves of Seven

Magical dwarves save a princess and overthrow evil royalty.

working cover for DWARVES OF SEVEN

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Progress: In the drafting stage

A blend of “Snow White“, “Snow-White and Rose-Red“, and original fantasy.

Seven siblings (male, female, and in between) go into hiding after an evil sorceress destroys their city. Deep within hilly woods, they keep to themselves, practicing crafts and magic, until a promise to a runaway princess pits the family against the sorceress and her husband.

Dwarf-like hut in Germany


Dwarves in general (in this fictional story) are skilled at crafts, known for building into the ground and for wisdom arising from deep memories. This fantasy race and the humans are based on folk tales told in medieval Germany.

Snow White is the youngest daughter of the king and queen. Her nickname was inspired by her fair coloring in infancy. She’s calm, sweet, and gullible.

Her older step-sister, nicknamed “Rose Red” by Snow’s father for her curly, red hair. She’s vivacious, intelligent, and stubborn.

The evil queen is vain and greedy. She hides most her powers from her husband, who married her for her looks. Her magic mirror on the wall is a persistent spell the queen cast to reflect her inner thoughts.

The evil king is a controlling hedonist. He treasures his wives and daughters but as beautiful possessions he can trade rather than as beloved people.

Two noble brothers fall within the plotting between their rulers and the people hiding from them. One marries into a princely title.