15 Every 15: Fly

Fly © Ann M. Lynn


My father-in-law was told after a war injury that he would never walk again.

He walks.

My aunt was told that she died years ago.

She lives.

I have known people who believe that once broken, one is broken forever.

Yet I heal.

Don’t listen to the voices that would keep you from spreading your wings.


This is the first of my 15 Every 15 series. Check back August 1 for the next edition.

What Happened in June?

My state has been burning, both in terms of fire and record-breaking temperatures. This has made for an interesting start of summer, although one that requires this pregnant writer–who, along with many people in her typically cool climate, doesn’t have air conditioning–to lie around like a half-drugged bum during the hottest periods of the day.

My pregnancy is going well. A minor health concern (on my part, not the fetus’s) seems to be resolving itself with doses of willpower, and we’ve acquired many of the supplies we’re told we’ll need once our baby is out in the world. In the meantime, my husband and I are listening to bits of advice from other parents and caretakers, and enjoying the newly converted nursery, especially the lovely room-wrapping mural painted by a friend of ours.

I’ve continued working out of town, though I’ll soon have to cut my hours. Working a full shift has become more difficult as my belly expands so far that I can’t even look at my own knees without contorting.

At home, there are more challenges. The nursery was easy; my husband cleared the piles of fabric, stacks of sewing and art supplies, medieval-style clothing, miscellaneous mementos, and furniture out of the room, our friend painted the walls and ceiling, then my husband and I arranged new furniture and supplies into the neatest and best decorated room in the house–an admirable state that lasted for less than a day.

My sister and her family moved into our house later that day. My toddler nephew is now occupied in our nursery, and our entire home has been overtaken by piles of stuff that needs sorting and storing.

With regards to writing…well, progress has been measured in terms of plot-directing thoughts, stylistic realizations, and temporary sentences jotted down before I fall asleep atop the page. Maybe after our baby’s birth, I’ll produce more?

Here’s hoping.

Is there anything you want to share about June?

Wandering Wednesday

I meant to post something more substantial yesterday, but here you go. It’s a simple update.

DeCo is still progressing in small bits and pieces, and a short fantasy that’s gone through at least seven drafts over the past year and a half is close to completion (assuming it doesn’t grow into a novelette). Unfortunately, I’m having trouble finding time to develop either. Most of my “writing” for the past week has been brainstorming/dreamstorming during the less demanding moments at my paying job.

I started a new job a week ago. It’s one of those jobs that’s 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday, with an hour commute (by bus). The commute I enjoy, because I can read and record the concepts that developed during working hours.

In other news from the past week, my husband’s parents and grandparents visited from out of state. My pets didn’t behave during the visit but received much love, anyway. Two new classes for our martial arts school started; the attendance was less than hoped for but as much as expected.

And that’s it for now! Have a lovely day.

Where, oh Where, can Ann Be?

Hi. I thought I’d let you know how I’m doing on my non-writing goals, as well advertise a writing contest that ends today.

My goals and progress:

  • Get a steady job, or jobs, that will cover at least half of my household’s expenses.

Yeah, I haven’t worked much on this. Though my current job ends at the end of the month and doesn’t cover enough expenses, I’ve allowed other activities to distract from job hunting. Not tomorrow! Tomorrow, I’m visiting several businesses to hand in applications.

  • Progress our fledging business enough that my husband is teaching paying students.

I’m waiting on a quote for liability insurance. Lawsuits probably aren’t fun at all.

  • Clean, fix, and decorate my house so that I’ll feel comfortable with visitors.

Some walls need new paint, the library needs more bookshelves, and several areas need re-caulking. Other than that, I’ve accomplished this goal. A few friends dined at my house last night, and I was comfortable for part of the night.

~ ~ ~

Literary agent Nathan Bransford is running a first paragraph contest. Anyone may enter by including a first paragraph (presumably for a novel) in a comment to the contest blog post. The deadline to enter is today at 4pm PST.

I may throw the current first paragraph of DeCo against the thousands of other entries, just for fun.

Product Recommendation: HotHands

Mountain View - ® Ann M. LynnIf you live in or regularly travel to a cold climate then I strongly recommend HeatMax’s HotHands.

I bought a package of these last Autumn to keep in my car for emergencies. I didn’t try them until last Saturday, when I was camping in the mountains.

A rainstorm soaked me with cold water and changed the air’s temperature from Comfortable to Unbearably Chilly. Even with a borrowed winter coat over three (or four, depending on the count) layers of clothing, I wouldn’t have been able to continue hiking if not for a HotHands-2® hand warmer.

Though the little packet is about 3.5″ long and 2″ wide, and didn’t feel as hot as I’d expected, I missed the warmer anytime I handed it to someone else. I immediately noticed my body temperature drop, as if I’d removed a coat. The return of the warmer was like putting on a coat again. Continue reading “Product Recommendation: HotHands”