Moving Announcement!

Crows against a dark sunset

This is a notice that content from this site is moving to Please update your saved link or follow to the new blog to see future posts.

I’m taking this opportunity to update my webmaster practices. (Does anyone else use that term anymore? Webmaster?) Search algorithms are said to ignore static pages, so I will attempt to blog most of my content and link to it in category pages. If that doesn’t make sense now, that’s okay. What should happen is that you’ll see regular posts, some familiar but some entirely fresh, and easier navigation.

Content might shift between sites and within the new one for a while. Please let me know if you want to see anything in particular.


I’ve Got Delays and That’s Okay

Dark Open Book

As mentioned in the previous post, Strange Horizons accepted my story submission! The ezine (electronic magazine) will publish my tiny piece of science fiction in three or four months. So, we may expect to see “Space in Our Relationship” on their site in April or May of this year.

The last couple weeks were full of dramatic interruptions I no longer have the energy to discuss (partly because I’m ill). My novel projects barely progressed.

Project Schedule © Ann M. Lynn
Holding onto my wishful thinking

The first draft of Do7 is only a quarter completed. The most I’ve ever written to one story in a week was 40,000 words, which is less than what I need to write. I can still complete a draft of this fairy-tale novel by the end of February.

The outline for OotS, the sea-prince novel, needs more work. My goal this month is to finish that and the research already started. (By the way, the cultures of marine animals are fascinating.)

Whenever my writing schedule–whatever that happens to be that week–is interrupted, I feel a strong pull away from my novels to short stories and poetry. That’s probably for the best, because I’m seeing an abundance of attractive submissions calls for anthologies and contests. Maybe I’ll post on that next week.

Menus, Venues, and Story Updates

Hi, there. This is a non-fancy post about the latest additions to this website and to a few of my stories.

Growth on SiM

Did you notice the faeries? The wide cavern in my previous header image needed an uplift. I got carried away and compiled an entirely new scene.

The top right menu below that contains several new pages. External Links is one of my favorites but badly named (for now). That page is a cheat sheet for writing reference sites.

I’ve been wanting to track information on Twitter better so created my own account under @writeramlynn. So far, the most active part of my new social media account is the lists of fiction-related accounts.

Baby sparrow in a hand
No guarantees that @writeramlynn will grow into anything beautiful.

Story Developments

Long fiction

Do7 is at 5,000 words of the estimated 40,000 I’m trying to complete by the end of February. Also, all seven of the dwarves now have names that are much better than [D1], [D7], etc.

I’ve given in the temptation to write a cold war between the merpeople and humans into the outline for OotS. My little sea-prince is more subversive than submissive. Although he will retain his naturally sweet nature in his silent battles.

Ocean sunset
“The sun rose above the waves, and his warm rays fell on the cold foam of the little mermaid”. (Andersen)

Short fiction

I completed one flash of science fiction and a longer short that’s maybe literary? (Genres outside of speculative fiction confuse me.) They will travel more of the world as soon as I can figure out who to test these stories against.

Aaaand, this last update I wasn’t sure how to announce. I’ve made my first sale to a professional magazine if you can believe that. One of my sci-fi pieces was accepted by Strange Horizons! The editor tweeted about the acceptance.


Celebrating New Year’s with Writing

Happy New Year’s Day!

I had resolved to make the second of January my launch day for drafting my short novel, Dwarves of Seven–but I forgot! The year is beginning from the first day with brainstorming, note-taking, and drafting a new page for the story.

While working on the opening lines, I could already see gaps from autumn’s research. I know of writers who leave most of their research, world-building, and character designs for last. That’s not my way. Filling in the gaps as they’re noticed helps make scenes flow smoothly.

Anyway, what’s happening is that I am now officially drafting this novel!

This week’s writing soundtrack is Carmina Burana, based on the medieval texts compiled under the same name.

Writing through a Mental Blizzard

WordPress snow is falling! That’s fun to watch, those white pixels that appear to drift across my blog.

The extra activity in my mind is less fun–but more productive. I’m still working through the preparations for three novels I aim to write in 2018 while ideas for more stories drift through my thoughts. Here’s a quick update.

I’ve slipped a few pages into the my Snow-White short novel, Do7, but have otherwise allowed that story to rest.

RitN is an old Science Fiction romance that I’ve started dusting off for revisions. The current draft is about two-thirds completed. I’m trying to record my ideas for smoothing out transitions between scenes for when I’m writing new scenes next summer.

The outline for my sea-prince story is expanding nicely. This month, I’ve focused on modifying Hans Andersen’s original “The Little Sea-Lady” to match my vision for a longer and less religious story that ends with the suffering hero getting everything he wanted–just not the way he thought he would. For next month, I’m planning on completing a long synopsis to break into scenes.

The other stories drifting around my files at this point include a two short short stories (a Fantasy micro story and Sci-Fi flash) and a poem. (I tend to move my stories between files while working on them.)

In ten days, the real storm should start. I’ll awaken the Snow-White, Rose-Red, and the seven dwarves in an attempt to complete one of the fastest drafts in my writing history.

Wish me luck for the new year?