Blog Q&A

Here’s the original Questions and Answers section from years back. Still helpful? The aim is to help new readers enjoy this and other sites.

What is a blog?

Originally called a weblog, it’s a website designed like an online journal.

Information is generally provided through posts (entries) that are organized in reserve-chronological order–starting with the newest posts. Blogs can be about any subject and take on any appearance. They often link to related websites and allow for discussions–each post acting as a potential mini-forum.

Why and how would I comment on a post here?

Comments are how you let me (the author and moderator of Shadows in Mind) know what you think of a post.

I love comments! Specifically, I love respectful comments that relate to a post’s topic.

Not every comment has to be positive; however, I will delete spam and comments that are blatantly rude (especially toward other commenters).

To leave a comment:

If you’re on a summary page (showing several posts), then click on the comment link for the post you’re responding to. This link will either say “Leave a comment” or “[#] Comments” depending on whether or not someone has already commented.

If you’re already on the post’s page (example), then scroll down to “Leave a Reply”. Enter whatever name you want everyone to see, your email address (which be kept private), and your comment. Entering the address for your website, if you have one, is optional. Your name will link to the web address you enter.

Why do I have to provide an email address to comment?

(1) It allows me to email you instead of commenting on my blog. I do this when my response to a comment is very personal or sensitive, or if I wish to tell someone why I’m deleting their post (see above).

(2) It helps me think of you as a real person. I’m not fond of anonymous comments, because they can come from anyone and anything.

I will never share your email address. Unless, in some bizarre situation, I’m required to by law.

How can I contact you privately?

Scroll down or go to Contact form.

Then enter your information in the contact form as if it’s a comment form (see above). The difference is that anything you send through the contact form will go directly to my email and won’t be published.

May I share images or posts here on my social media?

I hold the copyright to everything I create. That’s basically how copyright works in the United States. That means you may not use or duplicate posts, images, or other material without express and written permission from the owner.

You may share posts by linking to them at any time. Don’t worry about permission. I also welcome you to use excerpts from any page I’ve created as long as you provide credit to me and this site in some way.

Why did my Internet search bring me here? The post wasn’t related to my search topic.

The search engine saw something on my blog that related to your topic. However, the engine might have presented a different page than the one you wanted. The search option on the right sidebar will help you find the relevant post.

Happy reading!

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