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Hello! I’m Ann, a writer of mostly speculative fiction.

Projects I talk about most often are a young adult science fiction novel nicknamed RITN and a military science fiction novel I call DeCo.

When I need a break from novels-in-progress, I write short stories or uncomfortably long blog comments. I’ve also been known to haunt the Hatrack River Writers Workshop, Liberty Hall Writers, and local writers’ groups.

Writing isn’t the only art I offer my time. When I can, I practice acting, photography, drawing, singing, dancing, and martial arts. I manage a martial arts school, so that last is especially important.

Other  interests include biology, chemistry, psychology, sociology, and physics (confusing but hard to ignore). Any of my interests may appear on my blog.

If you’re curious about the origins or name of this blog, please visit my “Understanding the Shadows in Mind” post.

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Thanks for stopping by!

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