Ann M. Lynn is an American story writer working on science fiction and fantasy novels for young adults.


Long-time readers who are all fully grown prod me to finish my novels and sell my short stories. They puzzle through incomplete drafts and maintain faith in stories that don’t leave the shadows.

While staring into my writing folders, I also write blog posts. Those are shown to the public about as often, which means I have a backlog of posts to share with y’all.

Shadows in Mind is “a blog about living and writing” where I have covered everything from my thoughts on writing to experiments with arts such as acting, photography, drawing, singing, and dancing; science news that caught my attention; and (more in the future) articles that relate to story research.

On my blog, you might also see older posts referencing my time haunting the Hatrack River Writers Workshop (now quiet) and Liberty Hall Writers (now closed), other blogs, and parenting struggles. These days, I am venturing into the Writing forums at SFFWorld.

Thank you for reading!


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