Who complains about writing a novel in three months?

A friend gave me and Amazon Kindle a couple years ago. It’s slowly become my daily companion. We go everywhere, like me and my teddy bear when I was little, or The Eels and their Beloved Monster. One of the side effects of spending so much time on a Kindle is spending more time on Amazon.

A side effect of being me is researching everything I spend enough time with. I started looking at the many self-published authors on Amazon and their relationship to readers.

Some authors amaze me in how well they connect to their readers, fans as well as harsh critics. Most, understandably, struggle with reviewers at times. Others simply come across as crazy.

More than once, I’ve seen authors demand that they make a certain amount of money or are treated with a higher level of respect than non-writers because their books take months to write.

Months. The publishing industry has changed more than I’d expected if months is seen as a long time to spend on a novel.

One author implied on her blog that she was owed enough sales on Amazon to cover the three months it took to write her latest novel. To clarify, she wasn’t asking for patrons (supporters who provide financial aid). Her post sounded as if she were throwing a fit about not making a living wage off of each of her books.

I can’t comprehend why an established author would make childish demands of her audience, so I’m forced to consider her writing speed.

Three months! How fast does this writer usually write?! Was that from story idea to publication?

Either authors exist who have so much talent that they can develop, draft, and polish long fiction simultaneously nearly every time, or that author’s sense of quality matches her sense of reality. I’m afraid to read her fiction to find out.

What do you think? Am I missing something about self-publishing?