Who complains about writing a novel in three months?

It’s been two months since I decided to write fiction regularly again. I have about 4,500 words of a story draft. Counting the passages I remove while I write, that’s about three pages a week. At this pace, it will take me two years to finish the story.

I’m going to have to pick up the pace. In two years, I can get myself in a whole pack of trouble with sci-fi. I’ll want to play around the tech and social structures in the story, because, well, I always do. I’ll have another unfinished novel even after five years.

My goals with this story are to avoid research that takes more than a few minutes and remember that it was supposed to be a romance. (Do I ever stay in the intended genre?!)

Staying focused is always one of my challenges.

About the title:

A friend gave me and Amazon Kindle a couple years ago. It’s slowly become my daily companion. We go everywhere, like me and my teddy bear when I was little, or The Eels and their Beloved Monster. One of the side effects of spending so much time on a Kindle is spending more time on Amazon.

One of the side effects of being me is researching everything that I send enough time with. I’ve been curious about the many self-published authors on Amazon and their relationship to readers.

Some authors amaze me in how well they connect to their readers, whether they are fans or harsh critics. Most seem to struggle with reviewers at times. Others simply come across as crazy.

More than once, I’ve seen authors demand that they make a certain amount of money or are treated with a higher level of respect than non-writers because their books take months to write.

Yeah, you saw that, didn’t you? Months.

One implied on her blog that she was owed enough sales on Amazon to cover the three months it took to write her latest novel.

Nevermind that she sounds like a toddler, making unreasonable demands to the large world of publishing. How did she write so fast that three months seems like a long time to write a novel?

Either authors exist who have so much talent that they can develop, draft, and polish a story simultaneously nearly every time, or that poor author’s sense of quality matches her sense of reality.

I’m still afraid to read her fiction to find out.


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