Quick Breather

Writers often struggle between writing clearly and writing creatively. In this moment, writing clearly should be faster. And time is something infinitely more precious now that it was two months ago.

I used to complain about being busy, in those days when I could visit the bathroom at my leisure, eat on a whim, and engage in such hobbies as styling my hair.

My daughter was born at the beginning of August; since then, I’ve gained a new appreciation for how much time basic tasks take up, especially when you have only one hand and little else of your body free to complete them.

I’m breastfeeding my baby, an activity that boggles my mind with its effective simplicity. I mean, by feeding myself, my body makes a complete baby formula. Just add water, into the mother’s mouth. An issue with this wonderful process is that my daughter is a languid eater. She likes to take all the time she can get to nurse, managing to sleep or play in the meanwhile.

Some babies her age eat half an hour for every two or three hours. Mine insists on spending an average of an hour for every two hours at the table, so to speak. That’s counting morning, afternoon, evening, and night. The rest of the time, when we’re not changing her diaper or swinging her around in her car seat on our way to an appointment, she wants to be held.

I’m actually a bit disoriented when she’s not in my arms. She has me trained.

Of course, working on my stories has been little more than a dream these days. (Gee, didn’t someone imply that would happen?) I still want to; the itch to write has been returning. Writing clearly, concisely, or confusedly, I would like to spend some of my precious time doing it. Somehow.

My break is over. The little girl is crying for attention. Until next time.


8 thoughts on “Quick Breather”

  1. I definitely know that feeling. My youngest is 14 months old, now, and she still cuts into the writing time pretty heavily. And I’m not the breast feeder!

    Do you think it would work to dictate into a handheld recorder, and just transcribe while she’s sleeping?

    1. Hi, Eric. I’ve avoided my handheld recorder for the same reason I haven’t been writing in my paper journal: I’m afraid I won’t get around to typing anything up. My sister transcribed a couple hundred pages for me last year, and I won’t ever put her up to that again. (Unless I could pay her.)

      Hey, though, turns out that my writing computer has decent dictation software on it. Your comment set me to experimenting with it. My daughter isn’t pleased with me talking over her head, but maybe she’ll adjust. I’m excited enough to try.

      Thank you for commenting!

  2. We’ve been there also. Well, not me personally, you see, but my wife. Totally understand. I took to making an ‘ideas and note’ document and would take what breaks I could get to jot notes, story ideas, character bits, etc. Eventually, I got around to using bits and pieces of those in stories.
    For now, enjoy your new baby, you’ll have time to write soon enough!

    1. Thanks, Ryan, and welcome to my blog! I’ve seen that fathers can be just as busy in their free time. My husband makes up for all of the household duties that I can’t or won’t do because of breastfeeding.

      We are having fun with our daughter, and I’m grateful that I can spend so much time with her. She’s adorable, and I’m not just saying that because I’m dreadfully biased. 🙂

  3. Do you know what precious memories younevoke for me in this post??
    My youngest is 2, so it’s really something I left behind recently, but wow does it feel like a lifetime ago. I guess it’s because their stages change so swiftly. You may not be writing much now, but you are doing something that is fleeting.

    I used to write while the babes slept next to me. It was the only moment I had two free hands (my babes didn’t sleep on their own and we were basically attached at the hip).

    Nursing on demand is demanding. But you sound well. Congratulations on your new daughter!! 🙂

    Oh, and a lifesaver for me was a wrap. Pea in a pod was the brand I used, all similar I think though, if its something of interest to you

    1. Jennifer, thanks! I’m trying to get the hang of a wrap and wondering if it’ll be easier when she’s older. She’s small and seems to get lost in the fabric for a cradle hold. They do grow really quickly, though, don’t they?

      I’m trying to remember to appreciate every moment with her because she won’t ever be the same again.

      I’m not a bad writer for not writing. I’m just might be a better mother.

      1. I understand because I was the exact same way. Writing kept me sane. With time you’ll find the right balance.

        I was never able to use the cradle hold either. We did tummy to tummy straight away. Legs tucked in, arms in, snuggled tight, head tucked in too. Not sure what age they say now for that hold?

        Good luck with it all! Enjoy:) 🙂

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