What Happened in June?

My state has been burning, both in terms of fire and record-breaking temperatures. This has made for an interesting start of summer, although one that requires this pregnant writer–who, along with many people in her typically cool climate, doesn’t have air conditioning–to lie around like a half-drugged bum during the hottest periods of the day.

My pregnancy is going well. A minor health concern (on my part, not the fetus’s) seems to be resolving itself with doses of willpower, and we’ve acquired many of the supplies we’re told we’ll need once our baby is out in the world. In the meantime, my husband and I are listening to bits of advice from other parents and caretakers, and enjoying the newly converted nursery, especially the lovely room-wrapping mural painted by a friend of ours.

I’ve continued working out of town, though I’ll soon have to cut my hours. Working a full shift has become more difficult as my belly expands so far that I can’t even look at my own knees without contorting.

At home, there are more challenges. The nursery was easy; my husband cleared the piles of fabric, stacks of sewing and art supplies, medieval-style clothing, miscellaneous mementos, and furniture out of the room, our friend painted the walls and ceiling, then my husband and I arranged new furniture and supplies into the neatest and best decorated room in the house–an admirable state that lasted for less than a day.

My sister and her family moved into our house later that day. My toddler nephew is now occupied in our nursery, and our entire home has been overtaken by piles of stuff that needs sorting and storing.

With regards to writing…well, progress has been measured in terms of plot-directing thoughts, stylistic realizations, and temporary sentences jotted down before I fall asleep atop the page. Maybe after our baby’s birth, I’ll produce more?

Here’s hoping.

Is there anything you want to share about June?


3 thoughts on “What Happened in June?”

  1. Oh are you counting on more time after baby?! Lol

    Heat and humidity certainly do make pregnancy hard. I was always so swollen and uncomfortable with the humidity!

    Glad to hear all progressing nicely 🙂

    My kids finished school in June so me and the toddler now have company 🙂

    Good luck with it all. How many weeks left?

    1. Well, my nephew is teaching me that I’m counting on too much.

      I have about five weeks left. Despite absurd weather (and an inability to see my own belly button without a mirror), I’m happy to have more time to enjoy pregnancy. People ask me if I’m ready for this kid to come out, and I’m not. I waited for too many years for to get pregnant to get impatient with the process. Also, preterm birth is frightening. Why would I wish for that? I’ll wait out the last month, thanks.

      1. Oooohh, 5 weeks.

        For me these last weeks were eternal, and yet they also passed in the blink of an eye.

        All the best, Ann. Glad to hear you’re relishing each moment 🙂

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