Hey, It’s 2012!

I’m sorry my last post was months ago. At first, I didn’t feel like posting, then I was waiting for something…good enough…for blogging. Whatever “good enough” means.

Maybe a status update is good enough. If so–

I’m currently working on RITN, my young adult science fiction novel.

Almost all of the rough draft was in longhand, but my sister graciously typed up 200 pages and gave me the draft as a Christmas present. I immediately started reading through the typed/electronic version, changing aspects that my sister didn’t know to change, and noting what I need to add, move, and otherwise rework.

For the first couple of weeks, all of the fears and annoyances from two years ago, when I last seriously worked on this novel, plagued me again. Then, the characters re-settled in my head. I realized I’d missed them. I also realized that my chances of completing RITN within this century are better than those for completing DeCo, my tortuous, militaristic science fiction novel.

What has also happened since last October is that a friend kicked me into submitting short stories that have sat around doing nothing useful for a couple of seasons. I’ve already received three personalized rejections from semi-pro and pro markets for 2012.

Between these accomplishments, a new job, and…um, well, my first pregnancy, this year has started well for me.

How about for you?


6 thoughts on “Hey, It’s 2012!”

  1. well – leave the best for last!!!

    Congratulations!!! Enjoy it sooo much – first time only happens once (I always get a little jealous of first time pregos!lol)
    I wish you ease with it. And lots more submssions. and sounds like you have a great sister 🙂

    1. Jennifer, thanks! This pregnancy has been easy so far. Fatigue has been the biggest inconvenience, but my husband has been very supportive.

      Yes, more submissions! A trick for me is to remember to send out each story again.

      My sister is amazing. I’m sure little of what she typed made sense to her, as the story timeline was a piecemeal jumble and random notes interrupted the story draft; she typed it anyway, all the while taking care of her first newborn. Like I said, amazing.

  2. Congratulations, on all of those things. Good news all. Submit, submit, submit and yes it’s especially important to get stuff right back out after a rejection (though I am finding myself having to hold stories lately, since I have an influx of new material and I’m trying to stick to the “top down” approach, but there are only so many pro markets and many of them have the annoying habit of closing to submissions for months at a time…)
    I hope things continue to go well and that your characters aren’t too hard on you.

    1. Thanks, Justin. My characters for RITN are sweethearts. They do what I tell them to but make suggestions when I ask. My short story characters…well, I don’t have to put up with them for as long.

  3. Congratulations Ann. This is all exciting news. Life will be changing for you, but this will be a good change. 🙂

    Best of luck with your submissions.I always feel good when I’ve got work out there.

    1. Laura, I’m sorry for the late response. May I blame it on “pregnancy brain”? No, no, don’t let me get away with that.

      Submitting unnerves me, but it’s important. One of these days a publisher might actually buy one of my works. That certainly won’t happen if I don’t submit. Just the way it is.

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