That’s the sound of me flying through my land of shadows to yell out the cockpit a “Hello!” and “What? ‘What’s up?’ Well…”

My sister and her family (out-of-staters) might come to visit for Independence Day. In preparation, my husband and I must try harder to clean up every day until their potential day of arrival.

You see, they are allergic to furry pets. We have two.

My sister is also clutter intolerant. Unfortunately, my husband and I have more hobbies, fascinations, and professional commitments than we have any right to have and are therefore in the running for King and Queen of Non-Lethal Clutter.

In addition, we’re trying to think of what food normal Americans might appreciate. Not everyone likes Udon soup as much as I do.

While we’re preparing for family, we’re also preparing for a Korean martial arts tournament that we’ll co-host, our martial arts school’s autumn programs, and my out-of-state taekwondo test.

In remaining, uh, free time, I’m writing.

Ohh, okay. I’d landed the plane. Here’s the update on my fiction.

I’m expecting feedback tomorrow from a test reader on a short story draft that I’m itching to send to a market.

I need to choose where to send another short story. The previous market–sheesh, what was I thinking? My story wouldn’t have ever fit there. At least the slush reader dug my story out of the pile relatively quickly.

DeCo continues to give me a headache; I think that’s why it exists. The part of me that cares about test readers’ feelings currently wants to cut a side-character than a darker part of me has viciously woven into the main plot. I think removing the character’s thread will allow for a stronger–and less demoralizing–story. However, I feel that removing him is wrong.

It’s a heart versus head issue. Are these issues ever resolved?


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