The Grind: An Update

A bad attitude waited for me at home–my own bad attitude. For the first few days back from my recent trip, I felt like I was being ground down again to an exhausted impersonator who had taken vacation two weeks ago. With help from coworkers, friends, my husband, and the pleasant weather, I managed to find enough calm moments to lose that feeling.

Moving Mars (from my summer reading list) is moving slowly. I’m not particularly fond of the protagonist, and the proportions of character and milieu aren’t working for me. Perhaps I’m reading the novel too slowly to see how the parts fit together.

I’m again working on DeCo (adult sci-fi novel). Two generous friends test-read the first chapter and helped me determine which information can be presented earlier in the opening.

My sister generously offered to type RITN (young-adult sci-fi/romance novel) for me–as soon as I can bring myself to send it her.

A couple short stories have progressed–one went to a new market (magazine) after its latest rejection and I’ve been polishing another that hasn’t yet gone to a market. Those are my writing accomplishments.