Hugo Awards and a Film Screening

Hugo Award logoThe Hugo Award is one of the oldest and recognizable awards for science fiction in the world. It also, in my opinion, tends to be one of the cooler awards visually.

When the nominations for the 2011 Hugo Awards were announced a week ago, I quickly heard about it from friends of friends. Within the list of the nominations is Carrie Vaughn’s upbeat “Amaryllis” (viewable now at Lightspeed) for Best Short Story and Eric James Stone’s “That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made” (still available for free on Stone’s site) for Best Novelette.

Winners won’t be announced until August 20, 2011. I’m guessing it will be a long wait for the authors who could receive this year’s glistening rockets.

~ ~ ~

Claudia and Roland, arguing in a car at night
Characters Claudia and Roland in “Via Dreams”

In more personal news, I attended a screening of independent films that included “Via Dreams”, a short psychological horror film in which I play an abused housewife. (The link will take you to the film page on IMDb.)

That night, I learned I hate watching myself in a theater. It didn’t help that the film was shot in high definition–to accentuate my skin’s many flaws, it seems–and that I hadn’t seen more than a few, broken minutes of the footage before experiencing the whole story in a room full of strangers.

Despite 20 minutes of anxiety, the screening was a great experience. In between each film, the host encouraged the audience to ask the directors questions and provide small bits of feedback. The critique breaks, though unexpected, reminded me of writing critique meetings and made the event more familiar.

Also on the positive side, I saw my co-star, my fictional husband, for the first time since our last film shoot. The screening gave us an opportunity to catch up on each other’s activities, critique the films in whispers, and share in the misery that bred from HD, odd post-production choices, and harsh inner critics.