Publishing News: Steel, Apple, and Leviathan

In my previous post, I put up a few links that I wanted to be able to find again and that might interest others. This is another link-heavy post–but so much better!

Cover of Carrie Vaughn's SteelThat’s because I remembered you might not yet have heard of Carrie Vaughn’s Steel, officially released in hardcover this week.

The first chapter of this young adult novel about a modern-day fencer who is magicked to an 18th-century pirate ship is available on Carrie’s newly re-designed Website. Take a look!

By the way, who else thinks this is one of the best covers of the season? Artist Larry Rostant used common elements of fantasy covers–a glowing sword and a partially-obscured face of a beautiful young woman–but also covered the girl in appropriate clothing of deep colors that accentuate the gorgeous sword and showed her holding the sword accurately. It makes the fencing geek within me want to dance…

Also released this month was the paperback version of Carrie’s first standalone novel, Discord’s Apple. Her first young adult novel, Voices of Dragons, will be released in paperback any time now.

Let’s move on to the short story world!

Eric James Stone‘s religious/science fiction “That Leviathan, Whom Thou Hast Made” has been nominated for the Nebula Award. You may read the entire novelette online for free until March 31.

I first read this story in the September 2010 Analog Science Fiction and Fact (thank you, Eric!) and was not surprised at its nomination. The primary conflict between differing spiritual views and science was resolved, as much as was possible, in a beautifully dramatic moment.


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