WOTF – Catchup for 2010 Q4 and Personal Struggle for 2011 Q2

Contest Administrator Joni Lebaqui posted the list of Q4 Semifinalists on the Writers of the Future blog last month. A week later, Yahoo News! announced the Q4 winners:

1st Place – Patrick O’Sullivan from Virginia
2nd Place – Jeffrey Lyman from New York
3rd Place – Adam Perin from Virginia

That’s right; Patrick O’Sullivan took first place! Congratulations to the three winners, and again to the others who placed. May all the finalists, semifinalists, and HMs quickly find a home for their entries.

Looking forward…

Critiques of my current draft for the 2011 Q2 contest have me flummoxed. My intention is for readers to dislike the story’s concluding situation, and that didn’t come across well–readers simply dislike the way the conclusion is written. Several people suggested that I add action to make the ending more inevitable and thereby increase satisfaction; however, there’s little room in the story for action that’s external. Adding introspection rarely helps in my drafts, so what can I do?

Too bad I’m out of decision-making time if I’d like to keep to my critique group’s schedule.