Winter Writing Events

Finding information on the Internet about nearby conferences, conventions, and workshops for speculative fiction writers can be a pain. I’m creating my own list but thought other writers might appreciate a look at some of the options.

Below are ten events in the U.S.A. that will either take place this season or have application deadlines in the next couple months.

The estimated cost is for Admission or Membership fee(s) for an adult and does not include travel or other discretionary expenses.

Many conventions are as inexpensive as a new book on writing, if you exclude travel costs. Conferences and large workshops are harder on one’s bank account.

To view any of the event Websites in the list in a new window or tab, right click on the link. Otherwise, the new page will replace this post.


Title Dates City Est Cost App Due
COSine Science Fiction Convention Jan 21-23 Colo. Springs, CO $35 N/A
Chattacon Jan 21-23 Chattanooga, PA $50 N/A
Capricon XXXI Feb 10-13 Wheeling, IL $70 N/A
Life, the Universe,
& Everything 28
Feb 17-19 BYU, UT
ConDFW IX Feb 18-20 Dallas, TX $35 N/A
Potlatch 20
Mar 4-6 Seattle, WA $90 Feb 11
Northern Colorado Writers Conference Mar 11-12 Fort Collins, CO $327 N/A
Clarion West Jun 19 –
Jul 29
Seattle, WA $3,240 Mar 1
Clarion Jun 26 –
Aug 6
San Diego, CA $5,007 Mar 1


Half of these are science fiction conventions. Are you wondering what a convention is and why you might want to attend one? Clarion graduate Paula L. Fleming explains in her article on Attending a Speculative Fiction Convention.

What Fleming doesn’t make clear are the benefits for people who are already selling their work. Robert J. Sawyer answers Why Authors Attend Science Fiction Conventions.

Have you attended one or more of these events?


2 thoughts on “Winter Writing Events”

  1. Hi Ann. Funny that I came across your blog and post because I was blogging about genre-writing conferences today. Alas, I will not be attending any of the workshops this year. I see you list a few in Colorado. Do you live here, too?

    1. Hi, Jennifer! We do share a state, other than the state of writing insanity. I think we’re about an hour from each other.

      Did you know that some big name authors come to relax at conventions in our area every year? Conventions don’t offer the same benefits as conferences or multi-day workshops, but they are cheaper and provide opportunities to talk to professionals in less stressful situations.

      Maybe we can sit down for coffee or tea during the next MileHiCon. It will probably be the only writing event I can attend this year.

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