News of WotF Q4

The list of finalists for the Fourth Quarter (2010) of the Writers the Future contest was published today on a press release site. Included in the list: Nick Tchan of New South Wales, Australia!

Way to go, Nick!

It’s nice to see a name I recognize. With luck, he’ll be one of the three winners.

Three other members of the Hatrack River Writers Workshop have won recently: Ben Mann of West Australia in Q2 and in 2009, Brad R. Torgerson and Adam Colston. You can read Brad’s “Exanastasis” and Adam’s “Not in the Flesh” in the Writers of the Future Vol XXVI. (Coincidentally, Adam couldn’t physically attend the awards ceremony…)

Back to Q4. How did I do? Don’t know; possibly a disqualification. I’ll talk more about this when I hear again from the contest director.

In the meantime, keep on eye out on the WotF blog. The lists of semi-finalists and entrants who received an honorable mention might go up at any moment.


5 thoughts on “News of WotF Q4”

  1. Thanks Ann, and all the best with your own submission. I can’t recommend either Hatrack or WotF enough. Hatrack has been a welcoming aspirants forum that still manages to retain a number of published authors and, above all, a large number of participants committed to their writing development. The sheer volume of increasingly good quality submissions to WotF has made it both harder and more rewarding to participate in this competition, and it has become an unparalleled means to be introduced to the industry for new authors.

    And all the best in the final judging Nick!

    1. Welcome to my blog, Ben!

      Hatrack is amazing for the support found there, and I’m grateful for everything the WOTF contest offers.

      Even tough lessons. Word arrived yesterday (Friday) that my Q4 entry was rejected, not disqualified. When I signed up to look at the online submission form, the system thought I tried to submit. That caused a bit of confusion.

  2. Hi Ann,

    I was indulging in a spot of ego surfing and came across the blog. Thanks for your best wishes (and yes, the wait is killing me).

    The differences between a rejection, HM, Semi-finalist and finalist aren’t that great. Obviously, with a rejection, you don’t know how close you came to being an HM, but if you have the dedication, the HMs start rolling in. Once you receive an HM, I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time (and yes, a bit of luck) as long as you stick at it. As far as I can figure out, being a successful writer is more about being the last one standing rather than any intrinsic talent. Best of luck for the next quarter.



    1. Nick,

      My aim for this quarter is to receive anything other than a rejection. Hopefully, one of yours will be to plan for the awards ceremony.

      Thank you visiting and adding your thoughts!

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