MileHiCon 42

MileHiCon LogoI rarely attend conferences and conventions, but there is one I look forward to every year.

MileHiCon is a get-together of speculative fiction enthusiasts. For three days, movies play, costumed fans show off, vendors pray for sales, and artists engage their audiences on panels and for ceremonies.

Typical activities for a convention.

What interests me more, however, is that authors and editors set aside time every year to help new and aspiring writers.

This is especially enticing when one sees the the literary professionals on the guest list. Here is a teaser, based on information from the con’s Website.

Author Guests of Honor:

Katherine Kurtz
Author of the Deryni series, The Adept series, The Templar series and many other novels.

Rachel Caine
Author of the Morganville Vampire series, Weather Warden series, Outcast Season series, Red Letter Days and other novels.

Toastmaster: Paolo Bacigalupi (Yay!)
His novel, The Windup Girl, won the 2010 Hugo, John W. Campbell, and Locus awards for Best Novel.

Also Appearing:
Mario Acevedo * Kevin J. Anderson (Sat.) * Sarah Hoyt (Sat.) * Rebecca Lickiss * Rebecca Moesta (Sat.) * Laura E. Reeve * Melinda Snodgrass * Jeanne Stein * Eric James Stone * James Van Pelt * Carrie Vaughn * Many, many more.

So, the announced guests include Writers of the Future judges, a Hatracker I’ve yet to meet in person, and several authors who have presented good information on past panels.

Best of all, there are also the people who are just plain fun to spend time with.

I’m excited! The fun starts Friday!


8 thoughts on “MileHiCon 42”

  1. I love going to MileHiCon! Particularly, I love the art show and the presentations by the artists. It’s also something my husband can get into, with hard science and space exploration sessions.

    1. Welcome to my blog, Laura! I hope we have a chance at this con to talk again. By the way, have you seen the Artist Guest of Honor’s work? Absolutely amazing.

    1. Thanks. Even if I don’t meet anyone new, the opportunity to see acquaintances from previous years (and my friends having fun) will make the day worth it.

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