Writing Status 1-2-3

For some reason, I feel a need to explain my current projects. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t provided status updates on the Hatrack River Writers Workshop for weeks… regardless, I’m posting here.

1. Sci-fi short. My first full, stand-alone science fiction short is also my longest short story to date. A sub-theme that crept into the story two nights ago could increase the word count another couple pages if developed.

Once complete, this sci-fi short will go to a group of Hatrackers. Assuming it survives their reviews, it will be my first entry to the Writers of the Future contest.

2. DeCo (novel). I can’t focus on a short story and an unrelated novel simultaneously in the amount of time available each day. I’d like to set aside a large block of time–say, half a day–to assess the information that’s currently in the draft and how it contributes to the plot.

3. Fantasy shorts. One of my fantasy shorts is making the rounds through slush piles. Another short story hints daily that I should spend more time with it.

Plus, non-writing projects and activities. I’m busy. Let’s leave it at that, as I’m too tired to explain.


8 thoughts on “Writing Status 1-2-3”

    1. That’s the trick, to have less stress and more writing time! Thank you for the encouragement, Linda. I’ll gladly accept all that’s offered.

  1. Woo…Good luck entering Writers of the Future! I’m excited for you, so I’ll send you good vibes. Also, can I add your blog to my sidebar for my writing blog? I’m trying to write more often so I have a blog for that now too. Anyway, lemme know. Good luck w/ the being busy too, I understand that completely.

    1. Hi, Lyndsie! Feel free to link to this blog. I’ll add your Masterpiece to my blogroll sometime when I’m not seriously behind schedule.

      By the way, I think… yeah, I think I have open time on Sunday. Email, text, or call if you want to get together.

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