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“Present this honour onto 15 newly discovered bloggers.” That was part of the Versatile Blogger Award presented to me a couple weeks ago.

As I don’t follow as many as fifteen bloggers, I’ll have to cut that number down.

I’m pleased to present the Versatile Blogger Award to five bloggers: Jennifer Neri, Justin A. Williams, Meredith Mansfield, Steve Husk, and a man known online as tchernabyelo.


On her charming blog, Jennifer Neri shares her experiences with writing fiction and as a mother.

Justin A. Williams is a new blogger, having started The Key of the Twilight earlier this year. He provides frequent updates on the status of his short stories and his developing fantasy novel, as well on his thoughts about art in general.

Meredith Mansfield is another new blogger. She posts regularly on her blog about the status of her novels and about the advantages and disadvantages of the assumptions and techniques used to write fiction.

At 46th Cyber Squandron, Steve Husk uses a unique style of blog (“Bloggathah”) to write about anything and everything that interests him. Elsewhere on his site, he publishes about the status of his fiction.

The Land of Wind and Ghosts contains the stunning nature photography, casual articles, and updates on the life and fiction of  tchernabyelo (whose offline name I will one day remember).


Jennifer, Justin, Meredith, Steve, and tchern: This is for you. Thank you for your involvement in the blogging community.

Versatile Blog Award


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