The Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blog Award

Laura Best gave me a Versatile Blogger Award!

Every award comes with responsibilities, whether it’s to maintain a high standard of quality or to promote others. This award comes with a set of responsibilities worthy of a chain letter.

1. Thank the one who gave me this award.
2. Share seven things about myself.
3. Present this honour onto 15 newly discovered bloggers.
4. Drop by and let my fifteen new friends know I love them.

Well, the first is easy.

Thank you, Laura. You’re a pleasure to know, and I appreciate that you’re a part of the blogging world.

Moving on in difficulty, here are seven things about me.

1. I’ve only ever visited English-speaking countries–Canada, Australia, and New Zealand–but dream of visiting France, Italy, Japan, and the original incubator of the English language, the United Kingdom.

2. I’ve watched the animated, fantasy/action kids’ series Avatar: The Last Airbender so many times I’ve lost count, but the number is probably in the dozens. And the show is better after every viewing.

3. My favorite novel is Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, absorbed when I was twelve or thirteen.

4. The first fictional story I attempted to write was about a family’s Christmas Day and was abandoned because I didn’t know if the family “woke”, “awoke”, “awaked”, or something else. I was possibly five. My nine-year-old self dug out the story and then abandoned it again because of the same issue.

5. From what my parents have said and my earliest memories, I learned to read on my own around the age of three.

6. Frequent ear infections as a young child caused a scary amount of scarring (that produces funny reactions in doctors–“Oh, my god!”) and inhibited my hearing of the way people actually talked. (The English “R” sound didn’t exist until thiwd… third… grade.)

7. My favorite aspect of speculative fiction is that it highlights the more unusual areas of real life.

Fifteen recommendations is too many for me, as I read only a handful of blogs during the time I have–sleeping time. I also need to consider how to approach the “newly discovered” requirement. Laura and everyone else, I hope you understand that my acceptance will come in two parts.

Thank you for reading!


11 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Lots of interesting things here about you, Ann. Thanks for so graciously accepting your award. As Joylene told me , you don’t have to pick fifteen, chose whatever number you can. Since I had a bit of time off work, I decided to go with the fifteen. (Makes me wonder who comes up with these awards.) At any rate, Ann I wanted to let you know I appreciate your blog and what you have to share. 🙂

    1. This weekend is breezing by, which is funny considering my region’s calm heat. I might try for a solid five bloggers to lavish with an extra-strong dose of love.

  2. I’m enjoying reading everyone’s lists. It’s amazing how unique we all are. 15 was too many for me, too, though 😉

    1. Thank you for visiting, Madison! I like how you show your blog post regarding the award as a work in progress. That might work for my Part II.

  3. Ha, I forgot I had already poked around a little bit here today 🙂 Will snoop a little more, then…

      1. Prince Zuko is my favorite character from the show and one of my favorite from any fictional stories, but without his uncle… well, not everyone has seen the series yet. You know how it was.

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