Fizzles and Sparks

The exciting blog post ideas that form during the day manage without fail to fizzle out by the time I reach home.

Yet story ideas cling to the forefront of my mind.

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I’m worldbuilding for my short sci-fi–it has alien hand-to-hand combat and conflict between social values–while I complete the first draft.

Although the draft was due yesterday, no one else in the writing group is ready with their stories. The group won’t mind, or maybe they’ll appreciate, that I’m taking a few extra days to submit.

After I send off that story to be  scrutinized by online friends, I’ll focus again on my current short fantasy.

The latest reader of the fantasy noticed a few minor issues that I can correct quickly. I’m hoping to the same happens with my final reader, who took my story with her on vacation and promised to give me her feedback when she returns.

She also promised to give me a copy of her novel. So, I’ll be critiquing a novel and five short stories in the next couple weeks. Yay! (I mean that. Yay!)

And DeCo… somehow I WILL carve out enough space to make serious progress. I’m feeling confident in the novel plan again, but the main character has been pushing into my thoughts with the reminder that he’d like attention, too.

What has and hasn’t kept YOUR attention this week?


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    1. De doesn’t beg so much as intrude. But yes, it’s frustrating. I did manage to write a bit of scene on the bus today, and that wasn’t enough for him.

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