The Daily Commute

Commutes aren’t fun. However, they can be useful. My bus rides to and from my regularly paying job allow me to write stories, read fiction, and relax (sometimes nap) at least five days a week.

On the bus, I’ve worked on scenes relating to DeCo and short stories set on other worlds. I’ve explored Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and admired the skill of Writers of the Future winners. I’ve also listened to a inner voice that quietly remarks on the actions, appearances, and comments of other passengers.

If I could figure out how to squeeze more sleeptime from my day and acquire cheaper bus tickets, then I’d be happy.


2 thoughts on “The Daily Commute”

    1. It looks like I’ll lose the commute in a couple days, but that means I’ll again be out of a profitable job. Squeezing writing time out of office breaks and commutes is easier than trying to write while knowing you haven’t made enough money for the bills that week.

      I’m so tired. My life swings in a new direction every month. Sometime I’d like it to swing into the realm of professional publication. Then I won’t feel like I’m simply killing myself faster by insisting on working on stories during overcrowded days.

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