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It’s been a tiring week but productive.

My biggest accomplishment in writing was finishing the Suicide scene in DeCo. I think I’d still be dragging the poor scene out if not for help.

The help came from Write or Die by Dr Wicked. Write or Die is a program meant to subdue the internal editor for a set amount of time or words.

To use it, select a goal and a punishment. In Gentle Mode, a text box pops up to remind you to keep writing. In Normal Mode, an annoying sound file is supposed to play (but doesn’t on some computers), and Kamikaze Mode eats your words until you start typing again.

I’ve used the program before, and it’s a reliable cure for a minor case of writer’s block. More difficult blocks require stronger medicine, of course.

The Write or Die website also includes a podcast and a blog about writing productivity, features that might distract from the actual act of writing. Be ready with excuses if you’re inclined to dig through the entire site.


8 thoughts on “Write or Die”

  1. I’ve never heard of this program. I’ll have to check it out. Sounds interesting.. I think a suicide scene would be most challenging to write.

    1. Normal Mode is a good setting to start with.

      For the Suicide scene, the POV character is forced to help self-abusers who are trying to regain their identities. At that point in the story, he’s quite determined to live. Oddly, a later scene in which the POV character indirectly attempts suicide was *much* easier to write.

  2. I love Write or Die. I used it all the time for NANOWRIMO. I like Kamikaze setting best and least. As it got me to write, but I definitely can tell the which scenes I wrote from it. Haha.

    Glad you are finding it helpful!

    1. Lyndsie, welcome to my blog! I’m happy to see your blog breathing again.

      Some of what write on Write or Die is better than what I write when I have time to analyze. That’s a quirk of having OCD tendencies, maybe.

      Were you the one to introduce me to the program?

  3. Ermm I’ve not used this program. I’ll surely check it out though for some strange reason, it didn’t grab my attention. May be because I always believe my writing to be a form of personal freedom. When I’m conscious of it, of what I’m doing, I can’t write anything.*innocent smiley* But when I just let go, and forget myself, then it just seems to come through me. So I think it would be hard for me to cope up with it. But one thing is for sure that it’ll be a challenge =) so I’ll check out.

    And woah your blog has so much for me to read!:) Hoping to learn a lot.

    1. spotlesssoul, thanks for posting! The program sometimes allows me to just let go. Other times it feels constricting, so I understand your point of view.

      Have fun reading. And please, let me know if you have any questions.

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