I’m Alive!

Bridesmaid Bouquet © Lynn
Saturday's bridesmaid bouquet

Maybe you wondered.

I returned to a messy home on Monday with a to-do list that’s occupied my attention for the last couple days.

Between unpacking, cleaning up the house and yard, resituating our pets,  preparing for the opening of class registration and making new contacts for our martial arts school, removing issues from an insurance renewal, responding to communications about acting gigs and film crew training, and fulfilling S.C.A. officer obligations, I haven’t focused much on blogging.

Nor on fiction writing. I’ve written maybe three pages of story draft in the last week.

Today’s top priorities are to go to a couple meetings that have nothing to do with fiction, finish my tax return (yes, yes; I know I’m cutting close to the deadline), and then write three more pages for DeCo.

Now before I throw myself back to these priorities, I’d like to share a song introduced to me during my trip. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “I’m Alive!”

    1. The trip was wonderful. I spent time with family members and friends I hadn’t seen in years. There were long drives through beautiful landscapes erupting with wildflowers and peaceful moments with my husband.

      Was I right to set aside writing for the other things? Should I have tried to juggle more? It’s too late to decide, but I wonder.

    1. Thanks, Justin. I’m trying to stay focused by setting a single Number One goal and no more than two secondary goals each day. Good luck to you.

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