This is a quick announcement that I’ll be away from my office for ten days. During that time, I’ll have limited access to the Internet, so I’ll have to catch up on reading and commenting blog posts after I return home.

Egg Wreath © Ann M. Lynn
Have a happy Easter!

New to the list of Hatrackers’ Blogs is The Nexxus, which Pyre Dynasty (the author) resurrected a few months ago. There’s not much there–yet–but many of my readers know that a little support can keep a fledgling blog from dying.

Here’s one more announcement (to equal the Magic Number Three) before I go. National Public Radio (NPR) reported on a weird bit of news after my previous post. Magnets already scared me. Now I can legitimately complain that I want to preserve my hard-earned sense of right and wrong. Read or listen to the article, “Morality Study Narrows Gap Between Mind And Brain”, on the NPR website.

I’ll miss y’all!


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