Dreaming of the Novel Monster

Child Soldier 19 - Click for source
"Child Soldier 19" by Art-fire

I usually forget nightmares as soon as I wake from them. However, my recent nightmares were noteworthy.

While I stared at a bald, muscular giant who was determined to fight me two nights ago, I thought, Hey, he’s my novel!

Most of the dream is lost to the abyss of the subconsious, but I remember that part.

Last night, I was a new recruit to a futuristic army. During downtime, I drew in a sketchbook and discussed my sketches with my only friend. This brought me unwanted attention. An officer who’d been ragging on me for a while took the sketchbook, ripped out pages, and threatened to destroy all of my creations.

Hi, Ann. Meet the dream representatives of your supportive and critical sides.

I’m struggling for every small progression with DeCo, but that’s okay. In some of the battles, everyone wins.


4 thoughts on “Dreaming of the Novel Monster”

  1. Kudos for interpreting your nightmares. I hope you triumph like David against your Goliath and recreate those sketches faster than that officer can destroy them.

    1. Most of the nightmares I remember are easy to interpret.

      Dead or dying kittenish creature = Guilt
      Physical attacks on me, sometimes resulting in death that wakes me up = Fear that I’m not doing enough to ensure my survival
      Trapped in the Lion’s Den (a room full of people, animals, and unrecognizable beings that I’ve dreamt of since high school) = Insecurity around people
      Signs of insanity that everyone ignores = Concern that I’ll go crazy and no one will help

      In retrospect, the two dreams regarding my writing are a good sign.

      *Darn Submit button! The above is different from what may have gone to email.*

      1. I have only one recurring nightmare … I’m casting out demons in the name of Jesus, and I’m not Christian. 😀

        I think you’ve been around my blog long enough to know that I attach quite a lot of importance to dreams because I see them as my purest thought, unedited. Of course, some are nonsense processing of the days events, but you can tell the true ones, the symbolic or archetypal ones.

        It’s great that you’ve identified so many of your personal symbols.

        1. That’s cool! I can see how your recurring nightmare might tie to writing. Being what it is, though, I hope you don’t have it often.

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