My Dragons Are Different

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Dragons! Who doesn’t like them in some form or another? The definition of a dragon is ambiguous enough to represent anything. Beings called dragons come in different shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and abilities–customized to each imagination.

Yet, I hadn’t realized how far writers stretch the definition until I read through TV Tropes – Our Dragons Are Different.

Among the dragons in published speculative fiction are mechanical or genetically-engineered laborers, those that burn up in sunlight, females that lose their wings after mating, and one that was the world’s first cat.

I especially like the concept of the dragon-cat, the main character in E. Nesbit’s “The Dragon Tamers” (available online for free). Every time I look at my cat I think he must be as closely related to a dragon as a rooster is to a dinosaur.

While reading the TV Tropes page, I looked for variations not listed and decided there is still plenty of room for imagination. The dragons I’m developing for a potential novel weren’t described on the page, and I could think up several other traits and situations that weren’t listed.

Do you have a favorite dragon? Is it figurative or physical? Furry, scaly, dangerous, wise, or silly? Common or specific to one story?

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Voices of Dragons bookcoverPublic Service Announcement

Speaking of dragons, Carrie Vaughn‘s first young-adult novel comes out this month. The alternate world of Voices of Dragons is much like ours except for the existence of European-style dragons that live in their own country. Humans and dragons have nothing to do with each other until a rebellious young woman and an equally rebellious young dragon break all the rules through a growing friendship.

Look for this novel at your favorite bookstore, and please let me know when you see it!


2 thoughts on “My Dragons Are Different”

  1. I love the dragons of Earthsea, personally. I tend to like my dragons in either traditional European or Eastern flavors, or more or less like that but with a strong mystical/ephmeral “embodiments of magic” type feel.

    I’m not so big on Pern-style non-magical dragons, although the ones in “Reign of Fire” were neat. Not magical themselves, but their whole cycle thing made me think of some sort of epic curse.

    1. Welcome to my blog, Justin! My husband forced _Reign of Fire_ on me, and I’m glad he did. It’s one of those movies that made me reconsider how to classify my likes.

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