Weird Science in the News – February

Ready for some weird? Here are few links that could inspire science fiction or simply provide food for thought.

Cr.: Nicolle Rager Fuller, Natn'l Science Fndn.
Paying Attention to the Microscopic

UK scientists are developing a way to listen to micro-organisms, which are waiting for their chance to say, “We want to dominate!” Read more about the true part of my statement at

In other strangeness involving micro-organisms, messy researchers in Denmark discover certain Deep-Sea Bacteria Form Avatar-Style Electrochemical Networks.

Predicting Sunny Days

Taking a look at the macro, Colorado scientists are learning how to predict space weather by modeling sunspots. With luck, this will encourage meteorologists to improve their predictions.

Weird Science That’s Fun

Learn how to study physics using candy and a microwave. The results of each study are edible.


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