She Gave Me the Word


No, no, please don’t take it personal. “Creep” was the word prompt Christi Craig gave me for Wednesday’s Word. For the challenge, I had a little more than a day to write flash fiction inspired by the word. I chose to incorporate multiple meanings of the word into a non-genre story.

I’m really not sure what literary writers think of ghosts, dragons, elves, robots, and space bugs, but family is universal.

My story titled “An End to the Creepy Game” is now up at Christi’s blog, Writing Under Pressure. I hope you enjoy it without all that careful editing that usually goes on published stories.


8 thoughts on “She Gave Me the Word”

  1. Ann,

    Thanks so much for sharing your Wed’s Word story with me (and fellow blog readers). Wednesday’s Word is meant to be a fun writing challenge, where the editor isn’t allowed to spoil the excitement. I’m glad you took the challenge on despite the time limit 🙂

    And, after seeing your post above, I’m interested to read more about space bugs!

    1. The time limit wasn’t nearly as harsh as that on Liberty Hall Writers. It was a little scary to hand over a story that couldn’t first say Hi to a critique group. Fortunately, I didn’t notice that until I was getting ready to send the email.

      I’m currently working on a short story about a dinosaur-like space veteran. After that, I’ll see what I can do with space bugs. Hmm…

  2. I read your story and left a comment for you at Christi’s blog. Wow, what a flow of words from a one word prompt! Some day I’ll try this again. I just hate being told what to do. 🙂

  3. Very fun read, Ann!

    You know, I can understand your husband searching for that element of speculative fiction. You carried the tone over – it must be ingrained in you 🙂

    1. That’s an interesting thought. What would make fiction sound speculative? I should study tone in more depth sometime.

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