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Angry Manga Girl © Ann M. LynnI’m sorry that I’m a tease. After the last post, my Muse of writing took a break, leaving  the Drawing Muse to replace her. 

What do I mean by drawing? Well, I’ve been practicing comic characters.

What? If you didn’t already know I was a geek, then you must not visit my site often enough.

Manga Woman with Frizzy Hair © Ann M. LynnAnyway, I’ve thought about blogging. It’s just that the post slated to be published next is need of an update. My thoughts on story critiques have changed.

Tomorrow is a great day for catching up, as my Web show rehearsal was cancelled and my obnoxious puppy is going to work with her human dad. The day is free for writing.

Although, I won’t promise to post. I’ll be lucky to write 500 words of anything.

That’s because I’m itching to draw my novel’s characters.


8 thoughts on “This is a Placeholder”

  1. My brain is tired, Ann, so I’m going to do the same thing. Today, I’m going to work on a new portrait of my character Jalal.

  2. So many things to envy tonight on blogs! Yes, I too have always wanted to be able to draw/paint, but I cannot get the time for it. I think the motivation to draw your character’s is fantastic! So much fun, and I imagine getting to know them so well when drawing them. Is it so?

    1. Jennifer, I’m sorry to take so long in responding. My answer to your question is both Yes and No. Drawing sharpens my mental image of the character; meanwhile, I use what I already know of the character’s personality.

      Thanks for posting.

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