Poll: What Posts Would You Read?

One of the challenges of blogging is deciding what to post. I don’t know about the average blogger, but I come up with more ideas than I take the time to consider.

An idea might go on paper in an electronic document somewhere and might even evolve into a new post. Even then, I’ll usually turn to my fiction or another daily task instead of publishing any posts.

That’s because I’m really not sure what’s worthwhile for you, my reader.

I could list fifty ideas in one sitting, and afterwards, consider the merits of each, compare them to each other, then pick enough to cover a couple weeks of consistent and possibly useful posts. I know I’m smart, given time to think.

Meanwhile, about three dozen posts lounge around, taking up space, in my drafts folder. A few of these might stroll out of the drafts folder one day. The rest are simply lousy or too much like reference notes.

I’d like to open the door for the drafts with potential and also learn more about your interests. Will you help?

Listed below are existing draft posts. Would you like to read any of these?

If you have a few minutes to spare, here’s a more general question. What do you like to see on blogs?


5 thoughts on “Poll: What Posts Would You Read?”

  1. Actually, I have very eclectic tastes and would read any of the topics above, but different ones according to different moods. I checked the ones that I would look for right at the moment.

    Write about whatever you like to write about. If you write well, in an entertaining fashion, I think you’ll be giving good service to readers. Popularity is a different thing. That’s zeitgeist. You would have to write celeb gossip, erotica etc. The “hot button” stuff.

    (I posted about home upgrades, and my love of guitar lately.)

  2. I rarely know in advance what I will post about. Maybe that’s why so many days go between posts. I usually wait until an idea hits me and then I write. I like your idea of voting, though. Some great subject matter here.

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