New Design for 2010

Heavenly Blue - Click for sourceI don’t know about you, but I felt the previous design was inappropriate for this blog.

Every time I looked at it in the past two months, I thought something darker with smaller, neater font would work better. All the white and cream spaces weren’t working well with the title. Shadows… under bright fluorescents!

I chose the previous WordPress theme, called Mistylook, because of its structure. The tags (those keywords attached to each post) were out of the way, every page showed the same sidebar, and the look was cleaner than my first theme.

This design is the Neat theme offered through Wordpress. The colors are darker, the text is tighter, and as a bonus: the next and previous posts are linked on each post page above the page title.

What do you think? Does this design work for you? Please let me know what changes you do and don’t like. I can still go back.


4 thoughts on “New Design for 2010”

  1. I like it, Ann, and it does fit your Shadows concept. When I first started my blog I played around with themes quite often. I liked aspects of one, but something better in another. I love your banner photo.

  2. Ann, I like the new layout. And, I love the banner photo, too. I also like the writing prompt sites on your sidebar. I don’t know if those are new, but I just noticed them now.

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Christi. I think the writing prompts stand out more, because of their new placement beside comments.

      That’s two in favor!

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