Shadows’ First Year in Review

Shadows in Mind is a year old!

Anniversaries and New Years are great times to look both back and forward. As part of the celebratory activities, I thought I’d share several statistics from 2009 and what my goals are for 2010.

Posts: 58
Comments: 135

Total Views: About 1,430
Most Views in a Month: 258 in September
Most Views in a Day: 34 on September 8

Most Viewed Post*: The Elusive Definition of a Young Adult Novel

The Next Three Most Viewed Posts*:
How to Fight Writer’s Block With a Mirror
What is Contemporary Fantasy?
Song Lyrics in Novels

These four posts contributed to about 20% of the blog’s total views.

Post Eliciting the Most Comments: 3WW: Within the Trio

Search Terms Bringing in the Most Traffic:
judy blume forever / forever by judy blume / judy blume forever cover (34 views)

I’ve provided only an image and link for Blume’s novel in a post. There were only four clicks on the link, so I’m guessing most people searching for Forever aren’t helped by this blog.

The next most popular search terms regard writing on a mirror.

Most views of this blog come from someone typing in the address or possibly clicking on a browser link. I think only one person subscribes to the RSS post feed.

My goals for 2010 include convincing more people to subscribe–
Fast and easy! Click on the  button now!–
posting more consistently, and presenting readers with something useful in every post.


Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!


*Based on page views. That is, home page views don’t count to individual posts.

9 thoughts on “Shadows’ First Year in Review”

  1. I’ve long been a subscriber, Ann, but not much of a commenter.

    I have a search situation similar to your Judy Blume one. I used a photo of a fairy painting once on my blog, but that’s, by far, what brings most Googlers there … and I, too, am sure they’re disappointed.

    1. I hope visitors see *something* useful before they go. Too bad there’s no way of knowing, unless they take the time to send a message.

  2. Wow! Congratulations! One thing you can do to increase your blog hits is to comment more. I found your website through a comment you happened to have a link attached, and I was interested enough to click. Keep talking, keep putting yourself out there.

  3. Happy Birthday!

    I’ve read your blog via blogrolls and links from comments, but now I’ve clicked and subscribed 🙂 I’ll get the post straight from the horse’s mouth!

    And, I love that you listed all the stats. What a fun way to review your year.

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