More on the Novel-in-Progress, DeCo

My regular readers probably know this already, but the novel I struggled to write before AnNoWriMo, RITN, is on hold until I finish a draft of DeCo.

It’s funny that when I would sit down to write RITN, I thought of DeCo. The reverse isn’t happening while working on DeCo. Perhaps RITN doesn’t matter as much to me.

The basic premise of DeCo developed in 2006 (almost two years before I dreamt the RITN characters) as a “personal story” used to ward off boredom on my walks to and from work. At that time, I didn’t think of myself as a writer and refused to write more than a paragraph summary of the story.

Over the years, the characters have grown until there’s little room left in my head to contain them. They need to live on paper instead. And they’re much pushier than the RITN characters.

During AnNoWriMo, I enjoyed updating the status bar, so I’m going to include my draft’s status with posts (as below).

Notice, though, that the goal has changed from 60,000 words to 75,000 words–my projected rough estimate of the finished draft. Both numbers represent actual words, not number of pages divided by 250.

Current Draft

26,000 of 75,000 words (35%)


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  1. Another note on the current word count: 26,000 isn’t the final AnNoWriMo count (roughly 23,000 words) plus what I’ve written in the last week.

    It’s the sum of post-AnNoWriMo material, a couple pre-AnNoWriMo scenes, and what remained of the AnNoWriMo draft after I cut large sections of unwanted material.

    Perhaps you didn’t need to know the specifics, but I like to be thorough.

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