Review of AnNoWriMo: Final Days

AnNoWriMo ended with a word count of about 22,800 words. That’s 38 percent of my original goal of 60,000 words and 65 percent of my modified goal of 35,000 words.

I expected to feel the burn of embarrassment at such a poor result, but the burn is absent. DeCo grew in quality as the word count increased, and for that, I’m grateful.

There was no mad rush in the final days. I was distracted by several issues–including the death of one aunt, the oscillating recovery of another aunt after a brutal attack, the sad state of my finances, my obligations to the SCA, and a couple days of sickness.

Distractions remain, and so does my need to continue working on DeCo. At the AnNoWriMo pace, I will complete my current draft in March 2010. I still prefer sooner rather than later.