AnNoWriMo and Life

Sometimes, basic life activities are good for creative projects. The mind relaxes, new concepts connect with older concepts, and enthusiasm is restored.

Other times, activities like cleaning, cooking, and completing paperwork for money simply distract from the project.

This is Thanksgiving week here in the U.S.A. A few guests will be staying in my house, which wasn’t designed for sleepovers. I’m trying to compensate in the cleaning. On Wednesday and Thursday, the required cooking and entertaining will certainly keep me from writing much, unless I forfeit sleep.

Regardless of the holiday, I still need to apply to jobs. The good news: More jobs are opening up in my area. Though not as many as I’d expected for this time of year, last week’s postings were enough to keep me busy. I’d like to apply to several more jobs this week. The not-so-good news is that already sparse amount of writing time.

For that reason, I needed a high word count by the end of AnNoWriMo Week Three. Instead, I’m more behind than at the start of the previous two weeks. At the time of this post’s publication, my count was about 18,600 words.

As you could probably guess, Week Three wasn’t as much fun as Week Two.

Last week, I allowed a concern for details to slow my progress. In addition to reading through everything I’ve already written and making line edits (both of which are time wasters during AnNoWriMo), I also blocked the writing flow for short periods by focusing on what I don’t know (for example, military procedures). My current draft is scattered with filler terms and vague descriptions of unwritten scenes.

The filler terms I’ll have to live with until late December or January. Unfortunately, I can’t ignore the scene fillers. To catch up my word count, I need to write those scenes using imagination and the little knowledge I currently possess.

~ ~ ~

Do you ever wish you could disconnect from daily life–as in, travel to a secluded place outside of normal space-time? What would you work on if you could?

For writers who celebrate Thanksgiving Day, do you expect the holiday to affect your current project(s)?


2 thoughts on “AnNoWriMo and Life”

  1. Wow, Ann, “outside of normal space-time”? I’m not sure I’m ready for entering another dimension, though I would love to escape to the mountains or seaside. Sometimes I daydream of having a month, or even a week, alone with no internet, TV, phone, to just read and write. No, maybe not even read … except for what I’m writing. I’d like to see what could emerge in such an intensive situation.

    And yes, I don’t expect to be doing much/any writing, editing, or revising in the next couple days. And then it will probably take me a day or so to get back into my “routine.” I am too easily distracted.

    Good luck on your project and have a lovely holiday.

  2. I’m lucky enough to be a Thanksgiving guest asked to bring a single dish. Then I have 2.5 days to escape outside of normal space-time. My problem is internet aside, the more time I have the less productive I seem to be. 😉

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