Review of AnNoWriMo: Week Two

Ideally, the count of my AnNoWriMo draft would be over 18,000 words at the time of this post. That means I’m about 5,000 words short, though I wrote every day last week.

This isn’t surprising. Last year for NaNoWriMo, I was ridiculously below each day’s word count until the last few days.

What does surprise me is how much fun I had in Week Two.

Before AnNoWriMo started, I was disgruntled about my writing. When friends tried to talk to me about writing standards or my stories, I might have scared them off the subject with a stream of bitter comments… That’s not how I felt last week. Instead of bitter, I felt hopeful, pleased, and excited in turns.

The scenes woven beneath my fingertips are more entertaining than I’d expected, and I’m learning about aspects of the setting and characters that I hadn’t known.

Here’s to a good third week!


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