Notebooks are Lovely, but…

My computer is back from the PC repair shop! More than two weeks ago, it caught several viruses. The library limits the use of their internet-connected computers to an hour a day, so I feel like I’ve fallen behind on social networking and job searching.

Talking of falling behind, I’m about 6,000 words behind on AnNoWriMo. I’m guessing at the count, because the story draft is currently all on paper and manually counting each word is annoying. I’ll type the existing pages into Word for an accurate count. Then maybe, I can catch up. Typing is easier than writing by hand when you don’t need to see corrections.


1 thought on “Notebooks are Lovely, but…”

  1. Hello Ann,

    I saw your post on the Boulder Writers Meetup Group and thought I’d drop you a line.

    Nice blog, I’ll be back (regularly)!

    Best wishes,
    Kathe Perez
    Louisville, Colorado

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