Where, oh Where, can the Writer Be?

Hi. I thought I’d let you know how I’m doing on my non-writing goals, as well advertise a writing contest that ends today.

My goals and progress:

  • Get a steady job, or jobs, that will cover at least half of my household’s expenses.

Yeah, I haven’t worked much on this. Though my current job ends at the end of the month and doesn’t cover enough expenses, I’ve allowed other activities to distract from job hunting. Not tomorrow! Tomorrow, I’m visiting several businesses to hand in applications.

  • Progress our fledging business enough that my husband is teaching paying students.

I’m waiting on a quote for liability insurance. Lawsuits probably aren’t fun at all.

  • Clean, fix, and decorate my house so that I’ll feel comfortable with visitors.

Some walls need new paint, the library needs more bookshelves, and several areas need re-caulking. Other than that, I’ve accomplished this goal. A few friends dined at my house last night, and I was comfortable for part of the night.

~ ~ ~

Literary agent Nathan Bransford is running a first paragraph contest. Anyone may enter by including a first paragraph (presumably for a novel) in a comment to the contest blog post. The deadline to enter is today at 4pm PST.

I may throw the current first paragraph of DeCo against the thousands of other entries, just for fun.


2 thoughts on “Where, oh Where, can the Writer Be?”

  1. My (previously) secret wish, for good or ill, is for someone to click on my link to this blog and comment on my entry. It’s unnecessary, because I’ll eventually ask for a review of the first page and beyond by a writers group. Still, wouldn’t that be satisfying?

    Thanks, as always, for your support, Linda.

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