Weekend Wordsmith: Predawn Pallor

Did you know there’s a lot of writing prompt sites on the ‘Net?

Another one has inspired me. While Three Word Wednesday provides a trio of words, Weekend Wordsmith uses a single word and a picture as its weekly prompt.

This weekend, the prompts are “pallid” and this photo.

overexposed photo of a young woman

Below is my response.

Thoughts flitter past:
translucent butterflies
void of color and pattern.

I am rock,
not the powerful creature
full of energy
that directs
body and mind.

Both rest, waiting.

At dawn,
light creeps into mind’s crevices,
returning life to stone flesh.



4 thoughts on “Weekend Wordsmith: Predawn Pallor”

    1. Thanks for responding so quickly. I didn’t want to make the wrong assumption. I’m now attached to the butterfly photo, but I’ll remember your answer for next time. [UPDATE: The photos have been swapped.]

  1. Oddly, my first thought on reading this piece was that the shape of the poem resembles the face of rough-hewn golem of stone… you need to consider the negative space of the background to see it, or perhaps I just have an overactive imagination… but thinking that the piece is the soliloquay (sp?) of an elemental creature of earth and stone lent it a very weighty and somber air, somehow…

    Thank you for the link, btw! I’ve returned the favor, and look forward to reading more of your work!

    1. Interesting…

      Memories of a short story I wrote (and rewrote and rewrote and continue to rewrite) kept impeding on the original image for this poem. The plot of the short story centers around a man who is cursed into the living form of a stone grotesque. Maybe you’d like that story, if I ever finish it.

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