3WW: Within the Trio

I just learned of Three Word Wednesday, where three words are posted each week as creative inspiration. This week’s words are Disarm, Engage, and Mayhem. Below is my response.

In the tense silence, a tremor passes from each soldier to the next.

“Engage!” Discordant mayhem engulfs the cry.
Within the swarm, sight conquers, deciphering enemy from ally.

Two allies swirl around the advancing center that is me.
Focusing past them, I track then disarm fragments of the enemy.
In the end, we straddle the army that understood nothing of our power, our unity.



11 thoughts on “3WW: Within the Trio”

  1. First, welcome to 3WW. I hope you will find inspiration each week.

    This was a great read. The tremor that passes through a soldier. Chilling.

  2. Welcome, Asleep, ThomG, and guatami! Thank you for your comments!

    @Asleep, the pic came from Wikipedia, believe it or not. I searched for line drawings of “trinity, unity”.

    A trick if you’re interested in the source of other pictures on my blog is to hold your pointer over each picture. You should see a description and either © [name] or “Click for source” indicating a link. The exception is my header, captured on a Canon digital camera.

    1. I don’t think it will stay with readers as long as your response to the 3WW, but I’m happy with it. The piece above emerged from several jumbled drafts. Isn’t it amazing how one must sometimes dig to find the focus in one’s own work?

  3. Welcome to my blog, Mark and Tumblewords!

    I’ll definately keep on the artist’s path until my time comes to disperse from this world. (I don’t have a choice anymore.)

    A re-read? What a compliment!

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