Delay Due to Biological Difficulties…

I feel awful.

I went to the chiropractor this morning, and I’d forgotten how much a visit to a chiropractor hurts when one hasn’t gone in a while. My last visit was a year ago.

After several attempts to polish my planned post for today, I’ve given up. I can’t think straight enough to discern what is good enough. The post is too long for my anguished head to consider as a whole.

With any luck, I’ll soon be asleep, hours earlier than normal. I’ll return tomorrow.

(Imagine singing: Tomorrow! Tomorrow!)

Have a good night, if you’re reading this on the posting day.


5 thoughts on “Delay Due to Biological Difficulties…”

    1. I don’t think I diagnosed myself correctly. I’m sick; it’s more than from the chiropractor visit.

      But in answer of your question, yes and no. Everything I’ve read says a person is supposed to feel better from the get-go, but I’ve felt worse for a day or so after every long period of no adjustments. I actually had trouble walking and cried for hours after my first adjustment. (I didn’t return to that office, because the staff showed no concern for how I felt.) Part of the problem is I’m habitually bad at drinking enough fluids.

      Thanks for your support, Linda.

  1. Oh yes, it can be hell after! My chiro tells me that first 48 to 72 hours are teh hours when the body readjusts itself to the manouvering. You should feel a significant difference for the better after that! Hope it passed by now1

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