New Links: The Book Smugglers and The Art of Timony Siobhan

A gift to start the week: Two new links on my sidebar.


The Book Smugglers

The namesakes of The Book Smugglers are two bibliophiles, Ana and Thea, who used to smuggle books past their significant others before realizing a blog could justify their need to read. Now they review Romance and Speculative Fiction (YA and adult) novels for the rest of us.

Their ratings system allows for a comparison of preferences. Even if you disagree with some of their ratings, each thoughtful review provides a glimpse into the attributes of books you might not have considered without their help.

Older reviews are searchable by rating (see their left sidebar) or by keyword (their right sidebar).

You don’t have to smuggle yourself over to The Book Smugglers. If you want recommendations on Romance, Speculative Fiction, or Young Adult novels, then you’re free to visit.


The Art of Timony Siobhan

Timony Siobhan is a lovely, young artist with an edgy style. On her website, you can view samples of her work or follow through to her blog. Prints and bookings are attainable by reaching Timony through her Contact page.

Open your mind, and experience speculative visuals by visiting The Art of Timony Siobhan.


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