10 Things to Consider About Writing at Home

5 Reasons to Write at Home

Here is a handful of excuses for setting aside space at home for writing, if you haven’t already.


1. Less expensive food and drinks.

Probably the most popular writing place, outside of the home, is the coffee shop. Of course, even the low-end shops must charge more than the cost of homemade coffee, tea, and treats. In my case, writing at home instead of my favorite coffee shops saves me hundreds of dollars a year. 

MY space
A partial view of my space

2. Better access to resources.

This one assumes you don’t keep all reference materials in electronic format. (If my assumption is wrong, I’d love to know how you keep your sanity.)

I’ve seen photos of professional fiction writers’ working spaces. (So can you!) They’re often bordered by books. Comfort books, reference books, or whatever they are, I’m sure the owners want them around.

Binders, paper notebooks, and file folders might contain notes to prevent a story from running off-track during a fit of authorial uncertainty but aren’t fun to carry.

3. Proximity to pets, children, or spouse.

I’m more distracted by the absence of my little ones (pets, that is) than their presence. At home with them, I can hear their cries and remind them of my love. The same applies for my husband. They miss me when I’m away, which makes me feel guilty writing where they can’t be near.

4. Greater control of the setting.

People generally wonder at someone who spreads notes out on the floor of a public space or paces through a crowd muttering to unseen characters. It’s probably best not to scare strangers.

5. No Requirement of Publicly Appropriate Attire.

To unexpected guests, you can explain your clothing–or lack of–as your writing uniform. The more that guests protest, the quicker you can shoo them away.


Yet, darkness lingers where light does not reach… which is my way of introducing the cons.


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    1. Do you go anywhere in particular?

      Walking is my way of returning to sanity. Whenever I feel trapped in my head or my home, I walk through the neighborhood and around a nearby park.

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