Artistic Distractions

Monet's Water LiliesProcrastinating? Yeah, I do that, too.

Instead of writing about writing or about the cool information I’ve gathered for a story, I’m going more general for this post. Following are links to sites about or containing non-literary art.

Note: I excluded fabric crafts (such as clothing and tapestries), sculpture, and the like to keep the post small, not because I consider them inferior to picture-art.

In the previous post, commentors seem to agree art (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder. For more information on the traditional controversy surrounding the definition of art, I recommend the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’s “The Definition of Art”.

Of course, for a summary of “art”, there’s always Wikipedia’s entry.

Want to gaze more and read less? Here’s are few sites you might enjoy browsing.

deviantART – Full of beautiful, often geeky, original artwork–photography, paintings, sketches, digital art, and composites. If I were looking for inspiration instead of a sense of motivation, I’d be at this site right now.

flickr – It’s all about photography, baby! Every visit to this site reminds me how little I know of photographic methods.

One of my favorite art forms: comics. provides all the comics you might find in your local newspaper, which is especially nice if you don’t get the newspaper every day of the week.

Have fun!