New Design!

I changed the design of this blog for several reasons.

In the former theme, tags cluttered the top of each post, and I doubt many readers care how a post is tagged. Those tags are now at the bottom of each post, along with the comments count. The sidebar appears on every page, so readers who come into this site through an archived post aren’t forced to go to Home.

I also think the current design is cleaner.

My opinions of the design don’t matter as much as yours. Please let me know what you think.

I’ll change the header, either to the old mountain scene or something new, in the next day or so. The lovely picture you see above is a default for this theme.


2 thoughts on “New Design!”

  1. Oops! I’d lost the lists of external links in the conversion. They’re back now. I’ve also personalized the main image.

    Thanks, Jennifer. The written word isn’t worth much if it’s not read.

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