Scenes and Sequels in Fiction

Fellow fiction writers: here are links for improving a novel’s flow by focusing on scenes and their sequels.

Jim Butcher, author of The Dresden Files and the Codex Alera series, blogged back in 2006 on this form of structuring a novel.

He divided his lesson into two posts, one for scenes and one for sequels. (“Sequel” in this usage is a character’s reaction to the action in a preceding scene.) I benefited from reading each post on separate days.

I’d heard of the Scenes and Sequels structure before but phased out anytime I tried to read about it. Butcher provided an overview I actually enjoyed reading, inspiring me to learn more.

Butcher’s knowledge came through a chain of other authors. If you’re interested, below are long-published books covering this structure.

I’ve read neither of these (so far), but they have influenced generations of writers and must be worth a look-through.