Safely Moving House

Blood-red roseMy husband and I recently moved out of an apartment into our first house. We weren’t organized about the move, which we accomplished–for the most part–by ourselves using my Honda Fit.

Next time, we might call professionals. Or, at least, we’ll be better prepared.

We’ve moved enough times to know to plan ahead, take breaks, drink water during each break, eat plenty of good food, stretch regularly, and to keep tempers in check. Those are the essentials for a healthy move with adults. Moving is more complicated with children and pets, but we haven’t dealt with that.

We didn’t do well with the planning ahead on this last move, though.

Proof, in part, was that we didn’t keep our medical supplies on hand.

Between lifting and and setting down heavy or awkwardly-shaped items were the fun tasks of maneuvering those items down stairs, around tight corners, and over uneven terrain. The weather cooperated, but we’re both still adjusting to our high-altitude climate.

Boys and girls, what did all of the above equal? The answer? The possibility of bruises, scrapes, strains or sprains, dehydration, headaches, and a variety of other aches and injuries.

We didn’t suffer too much, fortunately. The house gods took bits of flesh while we installed our clothes washer and dryer and squeezed furniture through doorways. At the end we were blue, black, and pink, as well as tired and sore, but locating our supplies and resting for a few days helped immensely.

If you ever move like we did, then please be prepared. Here’s the minimum of what should be kept nearby at all times.

  • Basic first-aid kit, including bandages and antiseptic
  • Emergency numbers (usu. 911 and a dear friend who will listen to you rant)
  • Cellphone, or familiarity with your old and new neighbors and moving route
  • Healthy snacks like bananas and granola bars (and chocolate)
  • Drinkable water
  • Change of clothes in case what you’re wearing is torn, bloody, too warm, or too cold

If you’re reading this because you’re moving house on your own, then best of luck to you. Be safe!